Since 1978 Sam Soloman brought to the market through his Bakery the old recipe of PITA Pocket Bread, with a focal point of healthy and tasty bread. The customers of Safe Way and King Sooper grocery chains enjoyed the quality and the taste of the bread throughout the years. In 2017 Sam brought to the market a new invocation after years of perfecting the recipe an incredible taste and health benefits. Introducing Millet and Flax Baked chips was just a great success as it was introduced to the market.

Customers Testimonies

I love these! I buy them a couple times a week as a replacement for potato chips. I get them at my local King Soopers. I told them to never stop carrying them. Since you’re local why don’t you do a demo day so more people are introduced to them? They are so good!

Brenda Robertson

I recently found your millet and flax p16 chips at my local King Soopers. I bought the last bag and discovered I LOVE THEM! I asked the store about ordering more and they are discontinuing them. How do I find them? Who else carries them? Help me! They’re my new diet staple to satisfy my carb craving yet providing awesome protein power!

Julie Bolding

I recently tried out the P16, the Sriracha and the Kale chips. I really enjoyed them and to my surprise the Kale was my favorite. It’s the perfect little snack to get me to my next meal and still maintain my nutrition goals. I’m also looking forward to using the P16 with a dip or something. Thank you Nora for turning me on to this delicious product!!!

James Marek III

I am absolutely in love with the Soloman flax chips! I have a specific preference for the Cinnamon & Sugar and Sriracha flavors but it’s on my bucket list to try them all. Thanks for these amazing chips, they make a great afternoon snack!

Jamet Sierra

I LOVE your P16 Millet and Flax Chips. The only negative thing I can possibly say about them is that King Soopers doesn’t do a good job of consistent stocking them – I always buy at least 5 bags when they have them available. My kids love to eat them with hummus and they are great because of the awesome protein content. Keep up the awesome work you guys!

R Robbins

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Variety of flavors

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